Analyzing The Interview With The NBA Superstar: Kobe Bryant

Los Angeles – Kobe Bryant was our host for our interview. He had a pet tiger next to him and there was a strong stench of marble statues in his air.

“Welcome! Bryant said that Bryant would not allow Bryant to touch his new Bugatti Bugatti or his tiger.

Our crew entered the wealthy home of the athlete. We passed a small, empty room that had an old man in it. Bryant, you are very popular in almost every province of China. He yelled, “I think we can renegotiate our contracts to increase profit by over 50%.”

As we followed the steps of custom-made shoes made from Italian leather, our host just nodded and turned. The fortress was finally ours as we took a spot on a couch made of some unidentified animal. Mr. Bryant sat cross-legged on the couch, while the servant at his feet shined the fancy shoes. The interviewee was waiting to answer all my questions.

I began the interview with the question, “How does the popularity of your basketball playing style impact your huge fan base?”

“Well, my wrists and elbows cannot bend to a position that allows me to make a pass. This forces me as an offensive powerhouse to shoot the ball. Everybody benefits when my teammates play the way I do. We all want to see Kobe Bryant’s company.

“So you believe that your selfishness on court is a way to win the fans and score points?” I asked.

“You need to be aware that popularity does not equal one thing. Popularity can translate into the millions that athletes like myself work hard to earn. Bryant said that even though I do take some of the wealth and buy luxury shoes, it is compensated for by being a role-model to my team and fans.” Bryant added, “Plus they can touch it in practice.”

I looked at the time and informed Bryant that his match was due to start in an hours. “Shouldn’t it be possible to prepare at the arena now?” It’s getting quite late.”

Bryant didn’t hesitate to respond by brushing aside his servant, who just moments before had shin-shined his shoes. “My teammates will not mind. Bryant walks outside and steps into one the many cars that are parked at the driveway. Bryant says, “I have my referees under command tonight.” “This car I drive home from the February games.”

One of the camerasmen asked Kobe, “What does it mean?” Do you have any bribes for the officials?

Kobe continued to drive his vehicle at eighty miles an hour without stopping. Our crew rushed into the van to start the engine. We tried to keep up with the money trail that was visible from Kobe’s window.

We shouted, “Wait!” We shouted, “Wait!” What was the last time he passed the ball to you? What was the value of your trophy wife’s championship trophy?

It wasn’t of any use. While we had hoped to have another interview with Kobe in future, we were limited to a telephone call with Dwight Howard, his less wealthy and more outspoken teammate.


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