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Discussion On The Meaning And Characteristics Of My Name

This essay will be about my name and its meaning. Each person is given one of many names. We carry them with us all our lives. We rarely question the choice of our parents to name their child. But we are not always able to understand the meanings of our names.

My parents couldn’t decide what name to give me when I was born. Kimberly was my dad’s choice, and Phoebe was my mom’s. After much argument, they settled on Emily. They loved the name Emily because it was gentle, quiet, and compassionate.

My original name came from Aemilia in Latin, which was derived from aemulus, the root word for aemulus. Aemulus is Latin for striving and competing. It means friend and kindness in English, French, and German. Although the meanings are almost opposite, they tell me a lot about who I am. My Latin name is Puella, which can be quite long. It sounds easy to say in English because it is casual and airy. My parents are confident that I will succeed because of the fact that many books describe Emilys as independent and determined but shy. These interpretations all seem to suit me well. Each name is associated with a specific color. Baby pink and yellow are often associated with mine. My name is a combination of pink, gentleness, and quiet. Emilys have strong willed, empathy and are quick to understand people’s emotions. It fits my personality very well.

My Chinese name was a long-planned project by my parents. My parents wanted me to be honest and true to my values. One character is called ‘jewel’ while the other means clear and pur’. The character ‘jewel’ is too Chinese for me.

Many people don’t like their names and want it to be changed. I’m thankful to my parents that they gave me a name I could be proud of, and not Phoebe. Sometimes, digging into your own name and learning the meanings can help you to understand more about yourself. Because it is my true name, I wouldn’t mind changing it.


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