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Essay About My Further Career Goals

In my essay, I will discuss my aspirations concerning my future career. I am determined to make a successful career out of my chosen field and have put together a plan that will help me to achieve my goals. I am particularly interested in pursuing a career in business, and I am confident that the skills and experience I have acquired thus far will enable me to excel in this field. I have made an effort to stay current with the latest trends and developments, and I am eager to continue learning in order to stay ahead of the competition. I will be looking to gain more knowledge and experience in order to progress and expand my career. I am also currently working towards gaining additional qualifications, such as a master’s degree, which I believe will be beneficial in furthering my career. I am confident that I will be able to achieve my career goals and look forward to continuing to challenge myself in order to do so.

Born and raised in Nepal, I never dreamed that I would one day be living in America to pursue my dream of becoming an RN. My family has financial responsibilities, and I am the oldest child. Because English is my second language, my journey began at LaGuardia in the Fall 2016. Despite the fact that it wasn’t an easy path, I chose the path of an RN because it was the right one for me. I applied for the Foundation Scholarship and it has helped me pay for my education, including books, software, and MetroCard. This has allowed me to concentrate 100% on my studies and less on the costs. This will be my last semester in college, and I thank the foundation for their continued support.

For now, I am aiming to finish the last semester with a high GPA. After my LaGuardia graduate, I had planned to finish my bachelor’s program in nursing (BSN). I hope to become a Certified Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) within the next five-years. CRNAs work alongside doctors and advanced practice nurses (APRNs). They safely administer anesthesia to patients and monitor them throughout the procedure. I intend to reach this career goal by working as an ICU nurse. This will allow me to gain hands-on experience in patient care and help me build my clinical knowledge. It will also give me the opportunity to develop my leadership skills, which is essential for a CRNA. As a nurse, I want to be able to care for each patient and treat them individually. To be a good nurse, I must be open-minded and compassionate. This will allow patients to trust me to provide quality care. Nursing is a noble and challenging profession. I recognize that it will be a rewarding career. I hope to make a difference in people’s lives by choosing nursing as my career. I completed the LaGuardia Community College’s nursing program. Before that, I worked as a Dry Harbor Nursing home nurse aid for four months. I was able to see different parts of the healthcare system through this position. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that nursing goes beyond just caring for sick people. Many people believe that hospitals are only for the sick. Many people with mental illnesses, regardless of how they are treated, can have a negative impact on their mental health. To prevent this, nurses do not treat the disease; they also care holistically for the entire person. Holistic healthcare is a holistic approach to caring for a patient’s body, mind, and soul. It involves acknowledging the effect of illness and other illnesses on an individual’s emotions. The development of a nursing plan requires that we consider all aspects about a patient. I currently tutor Math & Science for the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD), a college. As a student, tutoring was a rewarding experience. Being a tutor helped me to understand and increase my listening, interpersonal and communication skills. Nursing nurses have a dynamic role to play in healthcare. Their primary role is to teach. I feel that my tutoring experience will benefit me in the future when it comes to teaching patients according my patients’ needs and preferences. I joined LaGuardia in Fall 2016 and have been consistent in reaching my goals of completing the final year of nursing school. I gained many useful lessons from my faculty teacher and mentors, who are remarkable and extremely talented. This would have not been possible if all my attention was focused on my expenses while I studied. LaGuardia Foundation Scholarship has been a great supporter of me and my determination to make my dreams a reality. I look forward to receiving continued support in the Fall 2019 semester.


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