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My Autobiography And Future Plans

Tharun is the name of my baby and was born in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, 18 Dec 2004. Karolina and Suresh were my parents. Both my grandparents have passed away. My grandmother died aged 4 years from lung cancer. She had been smoking all her life. My grandfather died in 2010 of a massive heart attack. He had been smoking for a long time. Thankfully, I’ve been able to quit smoking. My childhood environment was typical for an upper-class family in the early 1990s. My father was a Q-net computer system analyst, and my mother was a jewel designer. As an only child, my childhood was happy and normal. I was somewhat spoilt. My grandfather and grandmother divorced when I turned eighteen years old. Both remarried within one year of each other. My grandfather was married until the death of his stepgrandmother. My grandmother would be married twice more. My first grandfather Raghavan was an important part of my family and I kept in close touch with him until his tragic death in 2010. Yes, it was a terrible week. My grandfather also lost his dog. My grandparents split up so it was not difficult to grow up with them. They kept me out from their divorces and got along great at any events that they attended. My parents were my primary caregivers until I was 16. I also lived with them through high school. By the second year of highschool, I was already sociable with other friends. It led to me getting into trouble like Aaron. Although I was quickly on a downward spiral, I was able to see it before I did any major damage. I moved in my uncle’s home and changed highschools and friends.

I was able complete primary school in one year with no further problems. My ultimate goal was to graduate at Nobel International School High by 2020. Despite my past mistakes, I always wanted to be a radiologists surgeon. I couldn’t do this until I was 18. So I am going to use my spare time to stay in control and work as a cashier in a shop. While I’m studying, I also considered joining an army. I was sent from Fort Benning to Selangor to complete basic training, advanced infantry and then finally to airborne jumping school. It shaped me into the man I am today, that is one thing I’m certain of. I would have been able to get out of my teenage troubles if the army had been there. I have now been accepted to oxford University. After I was discharged from the military, I worked as a waitress and bartender while I applied for my registration as a student at oxford university. I have completed my studies and am now ready to become a radiology surgeon. So I applied at Cleveland clinic, the top-ranked hospital in America. Assistance hopitaux publiquede paris is the 9th most prestigious hospital in France. My favorite football team is there. Unfortunately, the assistance hopitaux public de paris didn’t accept me because they had too many radiologist doctors. This was my dream. I was elected to the assistance publique de Paris in 2025. It made my life much easier. Already I was the highest-paid radiologist surgeon in the world. My only problem in becoming a surgeon was not having enough sleep. This made it very difficult and also delayed the surgery. This is due to my medical school experience. I learned that “No pain no gain” and that an alarm would alert me if a patient needs my assistance. I didn’t even know there was an alarm until 2 years later. I got mad because i didn’t know there was one. I became the world’s top surgeon, the world’s most experienced radiologist and the world’s greatest surgeon after 150 operations. I had everything. My life was perfect. But, one day, there came a time when a patient was having a major coronary attack. Because there wasn’t enough heart surgeons available, i was called in to take over.

It wasn’t that hard. After surgery, people complimented me and even increased my salary from 330000 to 667000 USD. So, my brother and i decided to build a house for the orphanage. I was amazed at the results. It was like 5 banglo were all there. In my dream, I wished to meet every football player from Paris saint germain before I died. That’s it. This is the way I live. No matter how well-known or unknown, educators all have their own personal philosophy. My philosophy was that anyone can learn as long they are willing to learn. As educators, our goal is to help each student achieve their potential. In the next paragraphs, I’ll be reflecting on my future education and goals. Additionally, I will reflect on my beliefs and the place the survey philosophy has placed me. When I looked back at my education, I realized that the quality of my teachers varied depending on whether they were good or not. These teachers have included professors, tutors, and a variety of other educators. Being able to learn was one of my greatest strengths. A teacher who is willing to help me achieve my goals. I remember one professor who taught material by memory and didn’t follow his lesson plans. I was overwhelmed and feeling defeated. Even after creating study guide, study groups, or speaking with the professor, I felt overwhelmed and defeated. While I’ve had many experiences that weren’t right for me in education, there have been others that were. I remember Mrs. Burton as a mentor, teacher and friend. I was able to trust her and she encouraged me. She was able break down complex information into manageable steps. It was her genuineness and creativity that allowed me to find the answers I sought. What inspires you? Inspiration comes out of my surroundings. My students have inspired me. Many of these students feel neglected and overlooked by society. I am inspired by all students who are educationally behind. My approach to teaching students is authentic and full of vigor. As a teacher, authenticity is very important to me. Trust can be a key ingredient in creating a learning environment that is productive and collaborative.

According to the “What Is Your Educational Philosophy Survey”, I assumed I knew which category I would be placed in. My score was 32 and I thought that I fit into the Existential Category. The Progressivists believe education should not be focused on the teacher or content. This philosophy also includes democratic processes and shared decision-making about curriculum. ( Sadker, 1997). I read through the questions and realized that I couldn’t change the result. As educators, it is our responsibility to ensure that students are understood and have a cohesive class. The class should also allow students to contribute. I support academic freedom and a new way to explain information. “…progressivism counters the main thrust of educational Reform efforts in the US. (Labar. 2005) This is a new way for thinking. We talked about how I reflect on my education and goals. Also, we discussed the difference between my belief and the survey’s. There are many ways students can be taught in education. Students will benefit from our experience and knowledge.


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    Isabel Byrne is a 32-year-old blogger and student who resides in the United States. Byrne is an advocate for education and has written extensively on the topic of education reform. Byrne is also a proponent of the use of technology in the classroom and has spoken at numerous conferences on the topic.


Isabel Byrne is a 32-year-old blogger and student who resides in the United States. Byrne is an advocate for education and has written extensively on the topic of education reform. Byrne is also a proponent of the use of technology in the classroom and has spoken at numerous conferences on the topic.