Realist As A Fine Line Between Optimist And Pessimist

There is a fine distinction between optimism (or reality) and optimism (or both). You can be realistic and optimistic, but not both. Your optimism will allow you to believe that everything is possible. It is possible to believe that things will improve if you are not pessimistic.

Pessimists see only the negative sides of life and think things are getting worse. A realist sees the world as it is. You don’t want to see the worst or best. Realists might view people as something that is prone to being both optimistic and pessimistic. Some relists are optimists while others can be pessimists. For example, if they beat a level or accomplish something quickly they might be happy to say that “I can do this in 10 minutes.” They might find it difficult to complete a worksheet. An optimist is sometimes a relist too.

A relist and optimist can be the same person.

The life of an optimist is not always easy. An optimist may have a great day, but they might just think that it can get worse. The relister’s day can look normal as any other day. If it doesn’t, they’ll believe that today is the same.

Sometimes, these three types can go unnoticed by the rest of the world. That is okay for some. Although optimists may feel depressed, they will not choose to commit suicide because they know it will not affect their loved ones or friends. Pessimists might also know this and seek therapy to ensure that their loved ones are not sad because they have lost someone they love.

For example, a optimist may believe that they will always be good at school and receive a good grade. Pessimists might believe he’ll fail, and that is because he believes he will. For example, tutoring might be a good option for a pessimist. However, if he believes he can do it and pays more attention to his teacher than thinking he will fail, then it could help him math. Relists can be either one or both.


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