Why I Choose To Pursue Industrial/organizational (i/o) Psychology

My life has been very multicultural. My greatest strengths are openness, receptiveness, curiosity, and an ability to appreciate diversity and other cultures. My roots are in Congo, Kinshasa (Africa), but I spent my pre-teen years in Liege, Belgium (Europe). This gave me a broad multicultural outlook and the ability to understand different perspectives. I am a young black man who is very interested in social justice and human right progress. However, I prefer practical considerations over ideals. My pragmatic outlook will allow me to help economic development and increase trade and industry. I have made my decision to pursue Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology because it is not only one of the fastest growing areas for the application of professional life but also because of its heightened focus on workplace productivity and employee’s mental health. Adler University provides an exceptional education that is tailored to my needs and my long-term aspirations. I’m confident that the Adler University I/O Psychology program will give me a range of tools to help solve organizational problems and teach me how to grow professionally in today’s multicultural and global work environment. Long-term, my goal is to become an industrial psychologist freelance and work for various organizations. As a person with a disability, I am particularly concerned about gender issues and minorities at work. I plan to use my education to help make a real difference in these areas. I want to enhance my communication skills so that supervisors and workers can have a better understanding of each other and a greater respect. In addition to providing long-term financial tools to companies, I hope to create more interpersonal connections that lead to more satisfied employees. Every business I work with will benefit from my efforts to create a more productive work environment. I/O Psychology freelancers would help me to fulfill my professional vision and achieve my dreams. I think Adler University’s I/O Psychology Program would be the best move for me. This will allow me to get the tools I need to become a professional in my chosen field and gain valuable experience in other critical areas. My B.A. complements my passion for problem solving and research methods. Double major in Psychology and Business Administration. I am very excited about graduate school. My passion lies in many areas of psychology including group psychology and theories of group psychology. I am excited to do research in the area of work motivation and performance evaluation. I am particularly interested about the areas career development, workplace diversity, and especially the corporate industry. I have had numerous internships and employment opportunities that were centered on the I/O Psychology practice/concepts. I’m 21 years old and I know how to work hard. I was a Human Resources intern for three months, an Account Associate who handles customer interactions, and currently a Business Strategy Research intern in Amsterdam. My love of people has now moved to a higher level of service. I think the best contribution I can make is to increase employee satisfaction and help them and their families to be financially secure. I believe that psychologists are the ones who ultimately contribute to a successful and prosperous society. Thank you so much for considering my application.


  • isabelbyrne

    Isabel Byrne is a 32-year-old blogger and student who resides in the United States. Byrne is an advocate for education and has written extensively on the topic of education reform. Byrne is also a proponent of the use of technology in the classroom and has spoken at numerous conferences on the topic.