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Xxxtentacion: Famous Rapper And His Controversial Career

Jahseh Dawne Onfroy was a rapper and was best known for his xxxtentacion. He began his musical journey with the ski mask the slump deity. Jahseh came from a poor background and was different to the rest of his neighborhood. Jahseh was arrested. He was a good person and gave his stuff to charity. Xxxtentacion, a rapper who grew quickly, is well-known to many.

Xxxtenatcion is a successful rapper. He changed the world through charity work and forgot about the past. Xxxtentacion bought homes for his family. He collaborated on many songs and the song that was released was a hit. Xxxtentacion hoped to have at least a billion kids know him. Ski mask was his best friend and he sang well with him. Ski mask was also an established rapper. His songs were well-known because he had a great rhythm. Juice world was impressed by xxxtentacion’s unique singing style. Xxxtentacion made the decision to buy a motorcycle. He was waiting at a dealer when a black car stopped him from getting out. Two men approached him, carrying guns, and taking his louis vuitton handbag containing a lot more money. After the men left, some people took photos of the car and recorded it. They were unsure if he was actually dead so they took him into the hospital.

Xxxtentacion was 20 years old when he went to the dealer for a motorcycle purchase. His friends and family were stunned by the shocking news. Many artist were devastated by the loss of xxxtentacion. However, many others performed songs about him. The well-known rappers xxxtentacion (and lilpeep) were sung by artist juice wrl. Ski mask, his best friend, was sad and posted about how xxxtentacion had passed away. Some rappers shared snippets from songs they performed with him before his death. It has been 3 years since xxxtentacion’s death.


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