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    The School That Died Of Poverty

    Stacey James is an example that even the best policies may not always work out. As a student at East Brighton College of Media Arts (Comart), which was established six years ago with the "Fresh Start" policy, she was among the last pupils to take exams there before it closed down. The government’s promise to scrap failing schools and create something better was aimed at helping pupils like her. However, Comart’s closure last week proved otherwise. Sandra James, Stacey’s mother, is disappointed that Comart had to shut down. It had educated three out of four of her children under different names and management, such as Marina High and Stanley Deason…

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    Greek Cheek

    Nobody knew how many Greek children had dimpled cheeks until recently when detailed information was uncovered. A team led by Athena Pentzos-DaPonte from Aristotle University in Thessaloniki conducted a study where they counted the dimples of 14,141 male and female Greek children and adolescents while they smiled and did not smile. The count took place in 1980, and 25 years later, the scientists published their report in the International Journal of Anthropology. The results showed that approximately 13% of Greek children had noticeable cheek dimples while location-wise, left and right-dimpled children were equally common. Additionally, only 3.5% of youngsters had dimples in both cheeks. Pentzos-DaPonte and her colleagues also found…