How I See My Dream House

The house is a place where we can protect ourselves from the rain, storms, and other things. Each person has a different idea or desire of what kind of home they want to live in. I enjoy living in an open and calm environment. A large space, surrounded by compounds, is what I need to do my daily activities. I want a garden in front of my house that can provide me with a comfortable environment. Another thing I would like to mention is that I prefer a house away from most cities and machines since I dislike a noisy environment. In terms of house size, I prefer a house that is medium in size and has a good condition.

Moreover, the exterior plan of my ideal house should be enlivened with beautiful gardens that surround my home. The front yard should be full of flowers, trees and bushes that will fill the hours with joy and bliss. Further, I enjoy growing my own plants like tomato, cucumbers, green peppers, eggplants and other vegetables. It’s not just plants, but I also love birds. Peacocks, parrots are my favourites. Watching them fly overhead is an amazing experience. Swimming around in the pool can be equally as exciting. Each unit has a smaller-than-expected fridge, as well as oak cabinets. It must also be equipped with a stereo-CD player for me to enjoy music as I browse. I am a bookworm, and my library is the most essential room in my house. I’d like shelves of books by my favorite authors to line the walls from floor to ceiling. I also want the latest desktop computer in the library to browse the internet to find out more information.

Also, I need to have a compact kitchen because I’m not very good at cooking. If I were to cook, I’d like to use the latest Mexican stove and broiler. My ideal kitchen would have an enormous fridge and cabinets made of oak. I’d also like it to include a CD player and Radio-CD Player, so I could listen to music when I was cooking. One more important thing. Since I love music, I should have my own room with the latest hi-fi system to play music and tunes from around the globe. It is also where my piano is located, which I use to play the pieces that are composed by me.

My dream house would also have a living room with a 50” screen and surround speakers. This TV could be placed between two large windows facing east. This is a good place for all of our furniture including lights, coffee tables and carpets. All window decorations and carpets match the furniture colour, in this case brown or maroon. The dinning room is part of a large area that’s connected to the family room. My office is located in a separate room. It is important that my office be spacious, because I dislike feeling cramped. I have all the office equipment that is unused and would enable me to work at home. You can also enjoy the summer evenings outside on the balcony, where you may have barbequed or enjoyed a cup of tea with friends and family. It could be an area in the home where you can experience a new cool or hot breeze. In my balcony plan, I’d like to add a swing “zula” or swing in another word for unwinding. It should be proportional to the size of the overhanging plan.

Finally, it is time to conclude that my ideal house will be one of happiness, tranquility, and magnificence. To conclude, I want to state that creating a family with a friendly and cool atmosphere is necessary to make your home resemble a paradise.


  • isabelbyrne

    Isabel Byrne is a 32-year-old blogger and student who resides in the United States. Byrne is an advocate for education and has written extensively on the topic of education reform. Byrne is also a proponent of the use of technology in the classroom and has spoken at numerous conferences on the topic.