True Love Can Be Found Not Only In Movies

Love is a permanent feeling. Emotions, feelings and thoughts change depending on circumstances, expectations and thinking. True love, however, is eternal. True love is when you are able to compromise your expectations and live with someone without expecting anything in return. Mothers have no expectations or fears when it comes to their sons. Is this love? If you love someone very much, but the other person says they cannot be in a relationship because of personal problems, you gladly leave that person. Is this love? You dislike some aspects of another person’s personality, but still love them. Is this love? Love is not jealousy. It is not a feeling. Love is not a feeling.

Drugs are common among youth today. It is mainly due to the love they feel.

The girl was beautiful. Once she developed a skin infection and began losing her beauty, he loved her. Her husband was on a business trip outside one day. He was injured in an accident on his way back from the tour. His eyesight was also lost. She continued to look beautiful, but within a short time, her marriage was no longer normal. A blind person would not have known about it, so the happy marriage of these two couples continued. Both of them continued to love each other. In a hospital, his wife succumbed to a severe head injury a few weeks after she fell from the stairs. His wife’s death made him sad and he wanted to leave the town. How will you live without her now? You wife has been there for you. He said, I’m not blind. She would have been more hurt if I had seen her ugliness. I pretended blindness all the time. I wanted her to be happy. She had been a great partner. Sometimes it’s good to ignore each other’s shortcomings and act blindly to make oneself happy. It is possible to make your life easier by ignoring little things.

You cannot call it true love when you are motivated by self-interest, have expectations from someone else, feel attracted to the opposite sexe, or experience emotions. If you find her/him beautiful, intelligent, educated and kind, then you are not in love. It is an attraction.

This is because they do not know what true affection is. If their expectations aren’t met, there will be conflict between the two. After a couple of days, this tension will become stress. First, you need to understand what love really is. Love is more than a temporary sensation, emotion or attraction. Emotions and feelings change depending on the situation, expectations and thinking. True love, however, is eternal. True love can only be found if both parties can live without expectation.


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