Effective Communication Skills: Self-analysis And Self-understanding

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Myer-Briggs MBTI Model in your introduction

SWOT Model for Identifying Myself

“Chance Favors the Prepared Mind” – Loius Pasteur

Target 1: “I will participate actively in extracurricular activities while studying abroad”

Goal 2: “I will gain more confidence while studying in Singapore”

In conclusion

Self-discovery may be difficult for many people. Even more difficult is to understand how to overcome weaknesses and use your strengths. This article will introduce you to some methods for self-analysis. You can easily identify your external environment’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. The report also shows you ways to maximize your strengths by combining them with external opportunities and improving your weaknesses. The report’s main content focuses on:

Myer-Brigg’s MBTI personality model is a great tool to help you understand your own type.

Analyzing the SWOT model to identify myself.

My weaknesses can be solved by using the SMART approach.

Please use the following models as a guide.

The knowledge that you have gained in ECS II coupled with your internet search is the main analytical tool. It is important to note that there are many self-analyses in this report, which will help you give an objective explanation. I also asked my friends and relatives for their opinions. The report is still limited by my own interpretation. These analyses might be perfect for me but not others. It can still be used in certain respects, because it contains some objective ideas that are suitable for everyone.

IntroductionUsing strengths effectively and seizing chances will help you achieve success both at work and in your personal life. Weaknesses are also present, which must be addressed in order to respond effectively to challenges from the outside environment and competitors. “Master your enemy, master yourself”. My report will give the most objective opinion on my own analysis. The report will include specific models. Let’s analyze the MBTI – a model to describe yourself and your personality.

Myer Brigg MBTI model for introducing yourselfAccordingly, according to 3 times MBTI, I belong the ISTJ personality type (Introverted. Thinking, Sensing and Judging). It is because of the characteristic S that I am able to analyze things and phenomena in my surroundings very well. Specially, I am thorough. I check everything and rarely make assumptions. When I have the Judging trait, I am often patient and concentrated when doing work. While I do spend time and effort on the tasks that others consider important, including those that contribute to achieving specific goals, it is not always my choice. The social rituals which I considered meaningless and unrealistic were almost skipped. Because my introverted personality was quite developed and I had the Thinking characteristic, I became indifferent. Since I am unable to express my emotions, it is no wonder that I struggle. I also resented others when they made mistakes and focused on the promise. And lastly, I have a hard time feeling my emotions. When I try to understand others’ emotional needs, it is difficult for me. I have a lot of difficulty when I need to understand the emotional needs of others.

SWOT model for identifying myself “Chance favors prepared minds” – Loius pasteur

Strengths & weaknesses analysis* I am a good leader and have computer skills. Although I do a good job of managing my team and developing work plans for them, as well resolving conflict between members and managing relationships. I also have excellent computer skills as evidenced by my ability self-study.

Despite living abroad independently, I manage to balance my work and personal life. Do all your schoolwork, but don’t forget to have fun with friends and family. But I will still make learning my number one priority while studying in Singapore.

It’s a problem that I have. Even though I’m 25, I don’t have any real work experiences. Since I was a child, my focus has been on learning and acquiring knowledge. However, this is not something that I do every day. After I graduate, this will be my biggest obstacle.

Lack of confidence: in both learning and life, lack self-confidence can be a major problem and cause other problems. I was not confident when communicating with a crowd, in English or in my own abilities. I felt like a failure or burned every time I did something, so i was hesitant and slow to make decisions.

To overcome our weakness, we must have clear goals. Not everyone is able to achieve this. We can achieve this with the SMART Model.

Target 1 : “I will actively take part in extracurriculars while studying abroad.” Specific because it is very specific. It will allow me to gain a lot of real-life experience. I can learn how to be organized, work in a small group and develop soft skills. This international environment will allow me to learn many different practical skills. It is possible to achieve, as I have many opportunities in Singapore to gain practical experience. Relevant – These practical experiences will be very helpful for my future work. The society is increasingly demanding experience over theory. This goal can be achieved in 16 months.

Goal 2: “I’ll become more confident when studying in Singapore” Specific – I will gain confidence. I envision myself doing what follows: communicating with my classmates, working group and presenting to the class. Measurable: Determine the results I will achieve. It will help me gain more confidence in both group work and public speaking. It will also help me improve my English and communication. This goal is achievable as I study in a multi-cultural environment. Relevant – This goal will be very useful for my future business. Time-bound – I want to feel more confident during my studies (16 months).

ConclusionIt is important to use these models in a way that helps people understand their strengths and also help them take advantage external opportunities. These can help us overcome our weaknesses, as well as not being embarrassed by the problems we resolve. So, you can plan out your future behavior and how to behave in both the workplace and the home. The models can also be used to identify the capabilities and resources of a particular team or organization. This will improve their performance. Understanding your own behavior is essential to effectively communicating it with other people, including family, friends, coworkers, etc.


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