How I Pursued My Dream Of Owning A Bakery

Martin Luther King, a wise historical figure, once said, “I have an idea.” Americans will always remember this sentence because it explains the meaning of these words. When I think of my special dream, Martin Luther King’s words are always in my head. Since the age of five, I have been baking since childhood. I have had prior work experience and have taught a strong working ethic. However, I believe that attending Culinary Institute of America could help me discover my passion and help to realize my dream.

My passion for baking was already a burning passion when I first got my job. But my experience at Cookie Doughjo helped to build a solid work ethic. Cookie Doughjo allows customers to bring their own baking supplies and work with us. It was important to plan and add events to the daily calendar. And dishes were always on the counter. It was crucial that I worked quickly because I was alone most nights. This little bakery was the place where I realized my passion for baking. There were many cookies to choose from and I loved helping people bake them. They are also delicious and I don’t ever get sick of them. I enjoy desserts. Every ingredient is delicious. It is a wonderful feeling to taste something you made yourself. I found this out while working at Cookie Doughjo. Culinary passion and experience are prerequisites for obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree at Culinary Institute of America. These aren’t all reasons. These skills are essential for college students. Honors classes were a way for me to learn how to be organized and to work hard to complete my assignments on time. Additionally, my role as treasurer for the culinary club helped me develop business and organizational skills. Being a member of the National Honors Society and a swimmer have taught me valuable skills. These clubs helped me see the value of being part of a team that strives for the best, particularly in swimming. My honors classes and swimming taught me how not to give up. The most important part of anyone’s life is a college diploma. It creates a bright future for one and reflects their hard work.

After I have completed my Culinary Institute of America’s degree, I intend to work as a baker or cake decorator before opening my own bakery. These jobs will give me valuable business experience and help me learn how to create masterpieces out of desserts. I will be able to achieve my dreams by taking small steps. Knowing that many of the recipes I sell would be my own, and having my own bakery would make my day. It would be a pleasure to commute to work and help support my family. These are the steps I will take to be the best me possible.

I’ve always been a hardworking person who strives for excellence. The advanced program at Culinary Institute of America will give me the knowledge to succeed in business and baking. CRI has the distinction of offering both business and baking programs. This would allow me to make smart decisions about my future. They would give me new ideas and recipes for baking, as well as new ways to run a successful bakery. I will benefit from my past experience to help me even further. The Culinary Institute of America would provide me with skills that I will be able to use throughout my entire life.


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