Personal Writing: Qualities That Make My Grandmother A Good Person

Most people think that if someone does one wrong thing, they are bad. It is not true that actions always indicate someone’s “goodness”. However, most people judge others based on the things they do and not their real character. My grandmother, who is kind, respectful, and helpful to all she meets, is a good person.

It’s easy to be nice to each other, so there’s no reason not to. My grandmother has always been a “good woman” to all. She finds something good in every action, no matter how horrible it is. She rarely gets angry, and never has yelled. She tells them every day how proud she feels of them. She will do anything to make you happy, which is a great deal. My grandmother is a good person because of this quality.

She also shows great respect for everyone she encounters. She is very kind and does not hurt anyones feelings. She is very nice and respects everyone. She is always willing to defend anyone, even if they are not her friends. She believes that everyone has some good in them. She does this because she wants to make people feel loved. I love her because of everything she does and says.

Last but not least, my grandmother is always willing to help people. This includes family members, friends and strangers. She is helpful because she sees my grandfather. My grandfather has a visual impairment, so she is required to read the dinner menu. She cooks, drives, and tells him about the movie they are watching. My grandpa wouldn’t be able to survive without my grandma. My grandma does a lot for my family. She helps us with homework, picks up our siblings after clubs and is always there to help when we are in a bad mood. She’s the one to call when you’re feeling down or just want to chat. She is always there for me when I need her. We talk whenever I am feeling down. It’s a great feeling to be blessed with a Nana who is so kind and loving.

I am so lucky to have a caring and just amazing person like her in my life. She is a wonderful and caring person. She is kind, considerate, and helpful. Because of all these reasons, I love her.


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